Technicians’ Notes

Each experiment’s instructions give an apparatus list so that apparatus may be quickly set out at the beginning of each laboratory session.

It is recommended that at the beginning of term, technicians and teachers together prepare the apparatus for that term’s experiments. Each experiment should be tested, and sample results obtained to enable the teacher to assess the students’ work.

After each session, the apparatus can be stored in one place to speed up the setting out in the following week.

It is very helpful if the technician can aid the teacher during the lab sessions, especially early in the course when students lack confidence in handling apparatus and carrying out instructions.

It is assumed that normal lab services are available, however mains electricity is rarely used, and is normally unnecessary if batteries are available. For heating, kerosene/spirit burners can replace Bunsen burners. Running water is not required, as long as clean water is available in small quantities.

The expert help of a technician can substantially reduce the workload of the teacher and greatly improve the smooth running of the circus of practicals.